The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Dog Bed


Purchasing a dog bed for your dog becomes a necessity so you can keep your dog off of your furniture - unless you don't mind if they get up on your chairs, sofas, or beds. However, as your dog grows older, he may need to have more support to comfort his aching body than your nice comfortable furniture.

Health problems occur in our pets, especially as they get older. They may need surgery, thus the need to be comfortable through their healing process. They may develop arthritis or other joint issues. Whatever the situation, the best type of bed for your dog, if he has any of these problems, is the orthopedic dog bed. A memory foam bed eliminates the pressure on his joints. It provides the comfort and support he needs. In their younger years large dogs may not have aches, pains or health problems, but by virtue of their size, they need more support for their body.

It may be necessary to have more than one bed. You may need a bed for him outside as well as a couple of places inside your home. He will want to be where you are, so providing a space for him to be comfortable near you is very thoughtful on your part.

If you purchase a bed for the outdoors, find one that has a water resistant cover to protect the mattress from the elements. Make sure the cover is either removable for easy cleaning, or you can hose it down to clean it.

Your indoor dog bed could have a nice, soft microfleece covering so that it will look great in any room. A dog that needs an orthopedic dog bed will most often need to have it heated. The heat provides comfort as well as warmth.

Many indoor dog beds are designer quality and versatile enough to look great with every decor. The elevated or raised dog bed allows air to circulate around the bed, prevents ants and other insect invasion, eliminates a hard surface that could cause sores or calluses, and it will not come in contact with a cold floor.

You can find heater inserts that go between the outer cover and the mattress. This is a great option if he already has a favorite bed. Or you can buy a bed that has a heating element already installed. Heat adds comfort to an ailing body.

When considering a memory foam orthopedic dog bed, you also need to decide on a style. If you have a small dog, he may sleep curled up a lot. A bigger dog often likes to stretch out when they sleep. Consider your dog's sleeping patterns when selecting a bed for him. It will read this article aid you in deciding to purchase a round or a rectangular shaped dog bed.

Does your dog like to prop his head up when sleeping? A bed with a bolster is the answer. Some bolsters go around the entire bed while others go around three sides allowing easy entry and exit to the bed.

If you are getting an orthopedic dog bed for his crate, you definitely need a rectangular bed. You can still use a heating unit in the bed for a comfortable sleep.

However, if your dog is a chewer, a heated may cause complications because you don't want him to chew the cord to the heating unit. You may need to cover the bed with fleece to create that warmth.

Polyster fiberfil will not give him the support that a memory foam orthopedic dog bed will. You could possibly put a soft pillow type bed on top of the memory foam so he can snuggle easier. Always purchase a bed with a removable cover. Clean it often, at least weekly.

Each dog is different and has different needs. You will have to decide:

• Where are you going to put the bed?

• How does your dog sleep - curled up or stretched out - or both?

• Can the bed be placed near an outlet so you can plug in the heating element without the use of an extension cord?

• Is the bed going to be placed outside or inside?

• Does it have a removable cover?

• Do you want the orthopedic dog bed to match your decor?

• Would an elevated dog bed be a good choice?

Choosing a good quality bed will last longer. It may be cheaper in the long run than buying several lesser quality beds. Choosing the right dog bed is important and selecting an orthopedic dog bed may be the best choice.

Having had cats and dogs most of her life, Lori Kniff is concerned about the health, welfare, and comfort of our best friends, our dogs and cats.