7 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Dog Bed


How to decide on your dog's type of dog bed is not as easy as it may sound. Dogs crave a soft, warm, and comfortable place to sleep just like their human friends. There are some general tips to think about when deciding which type would best suit a particular dog.

General tips that a person should follow when buying a bed include considering the size and health needs of a specific dog; keeping the dog's age in mind; thinking about the kind that a dog would be most comfortable in; asking a salesperson what kind of material the bed is filled with; checking to see if the cover is washable; trying to match the colors of the room that it will be in; and seeking the best price possible.

There is no lack of beds to choose from. In fact, there are many different types and styles of available, including types that are basic, orthopedic, couch-style, raised, or kennel-style. Each of these different types will be discussed in detail.

Basic beds are the most common types available, and they are shaped like standard-sized pillows. They come in square, round, or rectangular shapes, though square and rectangular are the most popular types. These basic beds are stuffed with either foam or cotton that provides extra cushion. Basic beds are typically not expensive and can be found at most any pet supplies retailer. It is best to purchase a basic bed that is twice the size of the dog that will be using it. This allows the dog to feel comfortable and have as much room as possible on the bed. It is also best for the basic bed to have a removable cover for easy clean up.

Orthopedic ones are another type. These are especially designed for older dogs with stiff joints. They contain more cushion in them and are on average a lot thicker than the basic dog beds described previously. Some orthopedic dog beds offer memory foam technology for enhanced comfort and are typically covered in fleece or a like material. These beds are excellent for dogs that have hip problems, and they also come with covers that are removable.

Couch-style beds for dogs are another kind. These beds are characterized by their lushness, and they look great. They are based on the design of a living room sofa. Couch-style beds are very comfortable and provide support for a dog regardless of its age. While this specific type of dog bed is typically tailored to smaller breeds, there are some pet retailers which will carry a variety (albeit small) of these beds for medium and large-sized dogs. These beds usually do not come with removable covers, though slip covers can be purchased to go over them.

Raised beds are yet another type. In fact, these particular beds are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in shelters and dog kennels. They come in a variety of styles and can be utilized in combination with a pillow or by themselves. Raised types are nice for canines who have a hard time getting up off of the floor or who live in houses that are drafty. In shelters, they aid pets who live in a confined area to stay off of the floor.

Last but not least, kennel-style are available. These beds are essentially portable crates. They are used when traveling as well as to provide a place for a dog to stay while its owner is not home. The floors of these beds are plastic, and they are not comfortable for a dog to stay on for very long. To this end, there are specialized kennel-style beds that are made to fit the size of the crate or kennel to provide a dog with comfort when confined.

In terms of where to find dog beds, pet mail order catalog businesses; traditional pet retailers; and online shops are all great places to look. Over the years, people have started to spend increasing amounts of money on their beloved pets, and pet-oriented companies have enhanced their product offerings as a result. As an example this website of this, there are designer dog beds available, particularly in high-end markets. It should also be noted that a person can make his or her own dog bed, a labor of love that may end up saving him or her some money. However, the time needed to make one has to be considered. Furthermore, a person needs to be careful to tailor the bed to his or her dog's needs.

In conclusion, there are general tips to consider when purchasing a dog bed. There are many types of dog beds available, including: dog beds that are basic, orthopedic, couch-style, raised, or kennel-style. The beds can be found in shops, online stores, and mail order catalog businesses. People can make their own dog beds, but they need to be careful to tailor the beds the make to their dogs' needs.